Very Simple Pricing

SAMMI has a single price structure of just £10.00. It is not a teaser or a trial price, quite simply, it's the normal price! We believe it's a price any Hair Dresser, Beautician or Nail tech can afford regardless if you in-salon or mobile.

Choose your Colour

Apps don't have to be dull and grey anymore. Modern apps and devices support a vast number of colour schemes and currently, we have 20. Pick one that best suits your business, your day, your mood. Whenever you log in, you can change colours as you wish and as often as you like, your clients will see your changes right away!

See how easy it is for your customers to book an appointment with you using the demo below.


Key Features


Manage your schedule with this modern, professional, easy to use app. Let your clients quickly and easily book online with you.


Take full payments or deposits through the world's leading secure payment gateway, using a card or PayPal account.

No Shows

Send personalised automated appointment confirmations and reminders and reduce client no shows.


Choice of 20 colour themes to choose from and the option to upload your own home page image or logo. No image? We can help you with that.


Link your preferred social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and maintain active links with your clients.


Promote your business, treatments, streamline appointments and operation with an app any salon or mobile can afford.


See at a glance your schedule for the day, week or month. Update your reciepts, send copies to clients and print them for your records.


Need help? Get help 365 days of the year. No queues or call diversions. Call a UK number and speak to a human, not a machine.


SAMMI is dedicated to hair, nail and beauty professionals needing a modern easy to use appointment app...because we love you!

Problem Solved

Some time back, a hairdresser highlighted a problem she was having with her 'current' appointment system. She explained that, when she did a colour on a client's hair, there was a period after about 50 minutes (after she started), when she had to let the colours process, the process period could be up to 40 minutes or so.

The appointment system she was using at the time could not take this in to account and this would mean that her appointment calendar for the processing period would show up as blocked. This in turn would mean that another client wishing to book an appointment, for a treatment that lasts say 30 minutes could not book during that processing period, and so without a 'walk-in' this would mean lost time and lost money.

She started using SAMMI and no longer has that problem. So now, whenever she is providing a colour treatment to her client's hair, she can also attend to another client during the processing time, because her SAMMI appointment calendar shows the processing time as available. Her client's are happy because they can get a treatment quicker and the hairdresser is happy because she is not losing appointment time, money or sitting around with nothing to do...unless its her tea break!

What will SAMMI help you to do?