Currently, we use no permanent or tracking cookies in this website. Not all cookies are bad, but by not using these types of cookies, it simply relinquishes us of any issues that might arise, were we to use such. Of course, it also gives you peace of mind.

This might mean little to you but, what it does mean, is that you are assured that at no point after leaving this site, will we or a third party, be able to monitor you for any future sites that you visit and you will not be bombarded with advertising that others deemed was relavant to you.

The site uses a single, what is called, session cookie. This saves no permanent data on your system at all and is simply used to tell our server which page you asked for and serves it to you accordingly. When you close your web browser, is it automatically deleted.

With SAMMI.NET, we have a simple ethos. If you didn't ask for it, then you definitely won't get it. We're safe...your safe.

Happy Browsing!